Gaming Guild (3-5)

Students in the Gaming Guild will explore online games and quizzes, maze code, Hatch!, and ultimately create their own game that they can share with family and friends!
6 courses 19 challenges 15 badges

The Wizarding World of Mineola

Welcome to the world of Harry Potter as Hogwarts comes to Mineola. Students will travel a path similar to Potter’s by joining their favorite house using the Sorting Hat as an introduction, following with WebEx sessions and KidOYO challenges including classes about Potions, Wands, Spells and Charms, Quidditch, Herbology, Muggle Studies and more. The culminating final week will be the celebration of becoming an official wizard, right here in Mineola!
1 course 17 challenges 4 badges

Tinkering with 3D Design and Printing

Welcome to 3D modeling and printing! In this KidOYO Pathway, students will learn how to use Tinkercad, a free 3D modeling software, to create 3D printed objects. Students will have the opportunity to design multiple creations and 3D print objects that will be shipped to their homes throughout this enrichment experience. Explore the world of 3D printing.
15 challenges 13 badges

Creative Wellness Lab: Art Journaling, MIndfulness and More

Let's take a creative journey together and discover more about our magnificent selves. In this cluster we will explore what it feels like to have an “art studio habit of mind”. What does being creative mean to you? This class can help you grow in many parts of your creative life by bringing awareness to your thoughts, understanding your emotions, and making decisions that fit your true self. This playful process will help create healthy life long habits. The fun is working with color, words and images, while being free to explore and not be perfect. It’s all just for you!!
15 challenges 12 badges

What School Could Be!

Have you ever wondered what school could be like if you were given the opportunity to design it? In this course, we will be exploring some of the most unique, innovative and creative ideas based on school systems around the world. We will “travel” to places like Finland, Japan and various schools across the United States to learn about recess/break time, “camp school”, classroom layout/building design, internships, technology, the arts, student choice and more! Throughout this course you will be tasked with designing a dream school and creating a school reform proposal, based around an idea you wish to see happen right here, in Mineola!
4 courses 11 challenges 10 badges